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Hi there and thank you for your interest in my work which I create in my studio in South Wales.  Well I call it a studio, I have a couple of random spaces in my home which work together to create the pieces you see here.  Although I have to admit that I think my husband would describe it as my creativity taking over the house.

Creativity has always been part of who I am.

I can remember being 5 years old and being distraught when my necklace broke but consumed by how I could put it back together again. I found making something completely new with the aid of my gran’s sequin box amazing.

I love things that sparkle, things that melt my child like heart, basically things that make me smile.  That is reflected in most of what I make and is clear in my art, although for me the art is a place I get lost, where I discover and can be who I am.

Here on my little corner of the internet you will find a the skill of my hands, an artist who would suggest they have an attention disorder and finds it hard to sticks to one craft or art at a time and finds it a challenge to complete pieces   Generally the pieces include some lampwork glass.  There is something magical about the way that molten glass moves and changes.

I am amazed at how others enjoy the pieces I make and hope that you find something here that will speak to your child like heart.  That something here will captive you as it captivates me.

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