Trying oils


Over the last week I have been playing with oil paints. I have only done one picture with them before and I had forgotten how much I love them and how they naturally match the way that I paint. I had also forgotten how long they dry, I mean seriously it’s Friday and the ones I did on Monday aren’t ready for another layer yet. That could be my fault for using too much medium as well to be fair.

As often when I’m painting Andy mentioned that he really likes the under painting as a style of finished painting. That’s what the lion above is and I would love your thoughts. He has the shape and form of where I am aiming to go but none of the detail. As an underpainting he is a lot darker than where he will end.

Andys comment got me thinking about daily painting in oils. Realistically they have to be looser as you can only do one layer in oils, it means I can produce more but does that mean I can sell more? Also the ultimate question of does it match my style and what feels authentically me?

Guess what I have no answers.

I am considering this evening doing an underpainting in acrylic and going over in oils this evening to see what happens

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