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Dreaming of Spring – Creative Everyday

Dreaming of Spring

This is the piece I have been working on this week.  Some of the earlier pictures are over in the work in progress gallery.

We are due for snow and all I can think is that I want spring.  I want the end to winter… so I guess I’m going to create it in my own space… because I can.

There are now 2 layers of resin.  I’m hoping to finish it with a final level of paint and sanding down the sides and the finishing touches by the end of the week.

Things I’ve learnt when doing this

  • I really enjoy using pallet knives and love creating depth just using paint and paint mediums
  • Putting the leaves on to early before the resin stops moving causes the leaves to move from where I placed them
  • I think I’m beginning to enjoy creating the depth purely from the paint and wonder if long term as my skills develop I will end up with more traditional paintings and not mixed media.  Although I guess the reason I’m drawn to mixed media is that I get to use all sorts of skill sets as I get bored really easily.


Creative Everyday Monday


So wow… this week I managed creative everyday.  I did all the art for the website
Wednesday was hard as it was my date night which started as soon as I got home.. but I knitted whilst watching a film.

I put the first layer of resin on 5 pictures.. I really ought to do as work in progress… hmmm.. will go sort that

turned some of the button images above into little works of art

All in all a good week on the creative front.

Feeling good too