Little Miss Stubborn

Little Miss Stubborn

Just to say…. wooohooo…. number 1 best seller!!!!!!

One of the key things for successful artisans seems to be the capacity to be stubborn. Something I had in abundance as a child, but being a good girl learned to let others have their say and put their own point of view across.

It got me thinking in being the respectable selfless woman that I am expected to be, do I loose some of the edge and that I need in business. Does the polite and gentle woman that others want me to be, stop me from being myself and get in the way of me promoting myself. And the answer for me is probably it does.

Now the truth is sticking your heals in and now moving an inch is not a good thing as I have discovered that I’m not always right. Sarcasm really doesn’t work when your typing hey.

Listening to other people when the say what you are doing is wrong when you know it is right means you loose a little part of yourself. Each part of you that you loose means its harder to stick your heels in and keep going when times get hard with your business.

Stubbornness and the refusal to give up when things are tough is so very important to making your business work.

I spoke about using the blog and the things I have learnt in the book to launch Oliopix ( , ). So the lesson Andy and I are having to learn this week is stubbornness.

Firstly because Etsy for some reason keeps removing the ability to pay for the digital download sheets by PayPal. We are working with them to try and work out what is happening but when your product only costs £2.50 no one will use a credit card to buy it.

Secondly we have only had one response to the survey we have put out to work out what other people want from our product. Even with the incentive of 90% off our digital download sheets for those who respond.( ) It would be really easy to see this as a bit of a failure. But what about the positives? We have had people follow the Facebook page who are not personal friends. We have seen a constant stream of people visiting the Etsy page.

So what do we need to do now?

I recon we need to find some other places where our ideal customers hang out so we can ask them what they think. We need to show our products in finished items and get those seen and we need to see what our competitors are doing. After all if they are selling they are doing something right which we are not doing.

Stubbornness at this stage says we don’t give up on the project. This is primarily Andy’s project after all and something he is really enjoying doing which I love seeing. Stubbornness says we find other options to discover what our customers want. Stubbornness says although we’ve had limited sales, part of this is about needing to create a damn good reputation for ourselves.

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