Stop and Breathe

Winter SkyOne of the reasons for investing time in the website, alongside promoting my art work, is to begin to explore another facet of myself. In everything I do my passion is to see people become who they were created to be. Long term I would like this, along with my artwork, to define how I earn money, how I impact my community, I guess how I live out my life.

In thinking about this I realise there is a journey which I am beginning to undertake. I need to revisit old, well known, well loved lessons and remember to apply them to my life. I also feel like I am heading into a journey of the unknown. No doubt this will be reflected in the images I create.

I am so very aware that in the middle of every day life, in the busyness, in the expectations I have lost part of myself. I think its more lost to my awareness than erased from who I am. How am I supposed to inspire and encourage others when I feel lost in a mighty sea?

I have a recognition that somehow I allow others opinions of me to define who I am and how I behave. I’m also aware that it is in my nature to nurture and to give, and somewhere in encouraging and enabling others to be who they can be, I have moulded myself to help them achieve that, rather than maintaining my own identity.

I need to reconnect with who I have been created to be. I need to be me with intentionality and not just a shadow of who I am capable of being.

I need to breathe.

I need to do what all the good artist manual type books recommend, I need to re-establish my personal quiet space. I need to re-connect with my God, I need to be able to define what it is that I want and need rather than putting everyone else first. I need to selfishly look after me. Something I’m not sure I know how to do, but something I need to learn to do.

It is time to Stop and Breathe

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