This is the current piece I am working on.  As an aquarium I think it will highlight the effects of resin really effectively.

WIP aquarium 1

This first stage was affectionately known as the mutant jellyfish after the polymer clay took on a life of its own. Here you see it over layers of acrylic paint.  At one point it had several pots and pans on it to try and squash it back onto the canvas.

WIP aquarium 2

In this second stage alcohol inks colour the polymer clay.  The first layer of depth has been added in the fish which are raised off the surface

WIP aquarium 3

The third picture in the series.  Here a layer of resin has been added and the three dimensional reeds and coral have been added.

WIP aquarium 4

In this final image the final layer of resin has been added.  All that needs to happen now is for the resin which touches the masking tape to be filed down and for it to be framed

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