Work in Progress

Teddy can we hide here

IMG_2689.JPG I think she’s finished. I will live with her for a bit to decide if there is anything I want to do with her.

When I originally envisioned this image she was s curly blond, happy and getting her teddy out of a well stocked play room. The details originally were a lot finer and polished.

I have become increasingly aware of the needs of neglected children and what was once an image full of hope has become something much deeper and emotional. The strokes have become looser and an outlet for the feelings I have the image has become darker and whilst I haven’t pushed it as dark in context as I could have done, this is the image I needed to paint.

Dreaming of Spring – Creative Everyday

Dreaming of Spring

This is the piece I have been working on this week.  Some of the earlier pictures are over in the work in progress gallery.

We are due for snow and all I can think is that I want spring.  I want the end to winter… so I guess I’m going to create it in my own space… because I can.

There are now 2 layers of resin.  I’m hoping to finish it with a final level of paint and sanding down the sides and the finishing touches by the end of the week.

Things I’ve learnt when doing this

  • I really enjoy using pallet knives and love creating depth just using paint and paint mediums
  • Putting the leaves on to early before the resin stops moving causes the leaves to move from where I placed them
  • I think I’m beginning to enjoy creating the depth purely from the paint and wonder if long term as my skills develop I will end up with more traditional paintings and not mixed media.  Although I guess the reason I’m drawn to mixed media is that I get to use all sorts of skill sets as I get bored really easily.


New Years Day Creativity


Whilst others have been getting out and heading to the beach I was draw to my studio. My new year creativity has been all about developing my website, turning it from a website focused on glass beads to one which focuses on the full range of work I make.

The images above you will probably recognise. They are the little buttons that you will see throughout the site to help you navigate.

I really enjoyed making them, so much that I forgot to eat… ooops. The plan is to turn them into little pieces of resin art. So I guess they are also work in progress.