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What we can learn about marketing from owls

Barn OwlOwls are wise and are known for being able to clearly see things.  This isn’t the only thing that we can learn from owls when it comes to marketing our art work.

As one of the artists I interviewed for my book said, having an owl on an object is short hand for saying “buy me”.  Whilst being beautiful animals they are also very familiar in craft circles, as are butterflies,

But why is this important?.  Our brains are programmed to like things which are familiar to us.  Owls are familiar, owls sell.  If you decided to sell hedgehogs, you would probably have to put far more time into making your name and your idea known.  To make your hedgehogs familiar.

The advantage of selling owls is that you are selling on a trend.  The disadvantage is that you are selling on a trend and if the trend changes and you do not, you have lost your business model.

If you have to create your own stream for your hedgehogs this takes more work, more rejection and more time as you have to get hedgehogs familiar but there will be a tipping point if you work hard enough.  You will now be leading the trend and will be able to ride that wave further.  You are likely to be more authentic to you and be able to authentically tell your story.

So when it comes to our art work we have a number of options

  • sell on trend but risk getting lost with everyone else and losing our market when the wave ends
  • sell our own trend but have to work on getting our name and style known.  You will need to do promotions, guest blog, maybe do press releases.  You need to be making the noise and the waves.
  • sell a combination of the two.  Look to see what is popular and work out how much matches your personal style.  If you find something that is popular but authentic to you put your own name and twist on it.  Get your name known but be different.