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Blogs from the bath

One of the things I talk about I. The book is doing social media in a way that feels right for you. It struck me that I have the perfect opportunity to blog daily but miss it.

Every morning in the bath I check my social media. It got me thinking, If I check my social media why don’t I do my social media too.

So for the next few weeks before the invasion of the kids and life changes forever, I’m gonna try this. I haven’t worked out the pattern of what I will do, I just know I need to be regular.

I’ve attached a picture I painted quickly for myself yesterday. With all the book prep I realized I hadn’t got my hands covered in paint for about a month. That causes my anxiety levels to gently rise. As I was playing with my gelli plate I realized something really profound. My heart is healed. I may have scars from all the miscarriages but my heart has been stitched back together. I feel more whole than I have done in years


New Years Day Creativity


Whilst others have been getting out and heading to the beach I was draw to my studio. My new year creativity has been all about developing my website, turning it from a website focused on glass beads to one which focuses on the full range of work I make.

The images above you will probably recognise. They are the little buttons that you will see throughout the site to help you navigate.

I really enjoyed making them, so much that I forgot to eat… ooops. The plan is to turn them into little pieces of resin art. So I guess they are also work in progress.

Phoebe at 3 Months

Christmas present for my brother and his wife

Christmas present for my brother and his wife

Money was tight this year but that meant that Christmas presents became very create. Meet Phoebe, my niece. Here she is 3 months old. I am really pleased how her portrait turned out, although I have to admit her eyes aren’t quite do vibrant in the picture or in real life.