grateful friday

Grateful Friday

Today is the infamous snow day and living in Wales under the little area the Met office had given a red weather warning for, there was little chance I was going to get away without seeing my fair share of snow.  And I did.  So beautiful, so crisp … so cold.

I made it to work for a whole 2 minutes, before being told to leave as there were rumours that the trains were going to stop any time.  I was home half an hour before they stopped.  I am so incredibly grateful for the member of staff who texted in with the rail update and to the unit manager for sending me home.  I got the best possible outcome, a full days pay as I got in and got sent home, getting home safely, not having to walk home 6 miles down hill in the snow and a unexpected day to me.

A good day.

Grateful Friday


This week I’m thankful that my new student seems to learn best from my natural teaching style. Such a huge blessing.

I’m grateful to God to have such an amazing husband who increasingly is changing to be the best that he can be.

I am inspired by the idea of becoming who I have been created to be. To be true to who I am regardless of who other people need me to be and giving myself permission to look after myself, not just the world around me.

Grateful Friday

I was thinking today that there are a number of things I am grateful for.

The first is for my father who through a time of illness has come out the other side changed. And changed for the better. He has always been amazing but his deep understanding of suffering has made him more connected and more aware. By far a better person and I think he was great before.

The second is for my health. I have had a number of health scares in the last year myself. Everything has been caught early, everything has simple lifestyle remedies. If 2012 was a wake up year as a result 2013 is a year to be awake and live.