Daily painting

Daily painting – Fox

IMG_2637.JPG I’ve put a lot of the things I’ve learned painting ACEO into this one. It’s not too bad

Interestingly I started doing all the messy stuff I normally do then realized I wasn’t applying what I’d learned. The second half of the picture went much quicker and looks better. I’ve done my standard thing on making the face fatter than it actually is with the basic drawing but hey he still looks ok.

So the question I ask myself is “is it helpful to post the areas of learning or does it make people feel less confidence in my ability?” I don’t know, but for me this is part of the process of daily painting.

Cat eye


This is today’s daily painting. I didn’t quite manage one yesterday. Life kinda got in the way. So this is a colored pencil cat. I’m still learning how to use them and there are techniques I didn’t use this time. Odourless spirit is something I did not want around the girls

Practicing Fur


I painted a tiger for my cousin for Christmas. The tiger was so much better than previous images. I can really see my 100 faces challenge is improving my drawing. Unfortunately I could see the fur needed work. This is my daily painting attempt in Christmas Day when I was practicing fur. Getting there I think

A little foxy

fox in snow 28/12/14Today I revisited my fox in the snow as a daily painting.

Some days I feel overwhelmed by what life throws at me and I hoped that completing this little fox slightly bigger would help me feel calmer.  Unfortunately I struggled with this one today.

He was meant to be 5×5 inches… hes actually a bit smaller, I put a border on him and ruined it so got rid of it.

Having said all that, as I look at it feeling calmer I actually really quite like him.