Daily painting

100 faces challenge #12

Theoretically I’ve been doing this a while now. I would love to give great reason for not having posted in a while , the only excuse I have is how unwell I’ve been for nearly 3 months now. As a family we’ve been seriously struck down by the young kids at school syndrome where we all get pretty constant colds


Oops, update time

I thought I would just show the images I’ve done over the last week or so. There are a couple I’m in the middle of as well. I guess I’ve been painting but not finishing


This is the last post nearly finished. When I took this image I thought he was done but I’ve made him more orangey


This is today’s daily painting… Something different, a new style, a first play…. Needs lotsa work

Green tiger? Daily painting 2015 #7

I guess you can tell that daily painting doesn’t quite mean daily but for me it means I am giving myself a regular commitment.

So why a green tiger, well it comes from a conversation about the colours people have on their palette which they love. Lime green and purples are not colours I would normally choose but I thought I would have a go at something different.

I have decided that I like the idea of bringing unexpected colours into the painting, just not the whole thing.
I was going to put this up for sale my my daughter has claimed it. There are a few tweaks I would like to do to it. So I think I will make a decision when those are done

I would love to hear what you think of it

Daily painting 2015 #6 – nearly


I didn’t quite finish today’s daily painting, but this one and another will be done tomorrow… Honest. I got side tracked by a film.

I plan to start putting things up for sale regularly. When I’ve finalized which one I’m going for I will let you know but it is likely to be one which specializes in daily painting or etsy .. Maybe. Here and my Facebook will let you know

Kinda – Daily painting 2015 #5

IMG_2681.JPG After a busy da yesterday y and not managing any painting I tried to sit down to do a daily painting today. I ended up very quickly erasing my efforts. My drawing just wasn’t happening today.

I’ve completed a bear on a bigger piece I’m doing. As its a mini work in a bigger piece I’m calling a daily painting. not the true definition but hey. I set it up really nicely to do a detailed bear as with my fur technique with the eye, but it just didn’t feel right. What I am creating over all in this image has a different feel, so he’s become more impressionistic… If that’s a word

Sun Rise – Daily painting 2015 #4

IMG_2678.JPG This is one of those images that I paint for me. It’s probably as near as I get to to a look back of the year at the start of the new one. There have been many storms over the last few years.

During our Sunday worship I felt God talk about being a light house. The light houses survive storms and endure, but not only do they endure bit the stop others hitting the rocks in the darkest times. I felt there was also a promise that those in the lighthouse are the first to see the sunrise, to see its beauty, to appreciate the start of a new day.

I pray that I am at the start of a new day but even if I’m not I know I can stand firm as HE is my rock that I stand on

Slightly stressed – Daily 2015 #3

I’ve been really excited looking at some amazing photos of big cats on Flickr and have been given permission from a number of awesome photographers to use their images.

Today however is a day I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by kids who are ready to be back at school. Kinda shows in this image.