Money Obsession


 I thought I’d start a series of images based on money. At the moment our kids fight over a single penny whilst as adults we are looking at mortgages. Money can become something that dominates every thought. Not having enough, wanting more or the possibility or winning the lottery can be all consuming. I thought it kinda appropriate for a technique that takes proportionately a lot of time 


Golf ball

I decided to try something new. I kinda set myself a huge challenge. I was looking at the amazing work of CJ Hendry who I have to admit is a new art crush, she is simply amazing. 

It got me wondering about the process of making art using just a pen. Seriously I enjoyed this. I loved how you can get all the different shades from just one pen. 

The question I do need to askyself is why did I choose such a challenging image for a first try with a new medium. But I like the result. 

I also learnt that there are different number of dimples on golf balls. The one I chose has double the number of dimples as the one with the fewest. 


Face 25 and life drawing

I really need to think of more interesting titles for these posts. But it’s functional I guess

I have 2 completed images for today. Portrait 15/100 on my faces challenge and evidence of my second ever life drawing class.



Face challenge 13

So my question is why did I choose an image with so much hair when I find it so challenging. I’ve suggested it well but really need to learn how to do it better.

100 faces challenge #12

Theoretically I’ve been doing this a while now. I would love to give great reason for not having posted in a while , the only excuse I have is how unwell I’ve been for nearly 3 months now. As a family we’ve been seriously struck down by the young kids at school syndrome where we all get pretty constant colds


Oops, update time

I thought I would just show the images I’ve done over the last week or so. There are a couple I’m in the middle of as well. I guess I’ve been painting but not finishing


This is the last post nearly finished. When I took this image I thought he was done but I’ve made him more orangey


This is today’s daily painting… Something different, a new style, a first play…. Needs lotsa work