Bank Holiday Monday Musings

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My husband and I launched a digital download company Oliopix at the beginning of June. To be fair sales are slow, there was a technical hiccup that made this worse and the initial shine of a new project has worn off. That along with the pressure we feel going the the final stages of an adoption and the official launch of the book on Wednesday my little head is screaming drop it, that’s the thing that has to give.

So I got to thinking, if I was coaching Oliopix what would we be looking at. The answer is the chapter in my book Cut The Rope, help my work isn’t selling!

There are so many questions in there which we haven’t answered, and I guess we really ought to. The key to it is knowing your product and knowing your audience, or research! Research! Research!

With decorating rooms, buying car seats, meeting foster carers and trying to find a new home for my crafty stash this is not the answer I was looking for. I wanted a magic wand to suddenly appear from below the pile of fabric I’ve had stashed in the bedroom we’ve been sorting. No luck I’m afraid.

The idea of research and asking people what they think of my ideas when I don’t yet have a connection to them feels challenging. Yet how will I have a connection to them if I don’t engage them in conversation?

So with that in mind I will be taking my own advice and ignore the short term discomfort of reaching out to strangers. Instead I will be focusing on the consequence of having income from something my husband and I have made together and the potential of reaching many new friends who I am yet to meet.

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