Monthly Archives: February 2013


I had one of those Eureka moments. for a long time I have tried to get my art work and my craft work to fit into one umbrella. With absolutely no success. I suddenly realised that they are not the same thing. Ultimately they could dovetail, but here and now they are separate and to try and combine them has been stressing me out and causing me not to enjoy or do either.

Hence no posts here and not keeping up with the schedule of activities I set for myself.

So the plan
Well I guess I develop my simply captivating line which will be simple design home ware and cards. Things I like and find attractive, which could cover a number of the ideas I have floating around my head. What that will do is free my up for my art of be my hobby. For the pure creation to be something I do just for me, and if people want to purchase it or like it enough then that’s another issue and a bridge I can cross at that time.